8/12/18 - Feedback devices for CPR training

The American Heart Association will now  require the use of an instrumented directive feedback device in all  courses that teach adult CPR skills.   Other organizations such as ASHI and the NSC will eventually follow suit.    

These feedback devices provide real-time, audiovisual and corrective  evaluation and instruction on chest compression rate, depth, chest recoil and proper hand placement during CPR training.   

Brock 1st Responder already meets the new requirements.  We utilize the latest CPR training equipment so that  students master these critical CPR skills. 

3/19/18 - Online CPR Class Warning

Please be cautious of companies offering online only classes & certifications with "no skills check required!"  Companies that promise recognized, complete online CPR certification are basically scams. The regulating bodies for CPR certification, including the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross, do not recognize any online certification as legal. While studying at home can teach you the needed skills to perform CPR, you won't be able to use the certificate you obtain to enroll in any type of certification course that requires CPR certification, such as police officers, EMTs, home health aide, etc.