About Us

Brock 1st Responder Training & Consulting is a 100% Navajo owned and operated training and consulting business, located in Northern Arizona, on the Navajo Nation.  We are here to provide quality, local and cost effective training to the lay person, who are the real 1st Responders, so they can handle an emergency event until emergency services arrive.

Brock 1st Responder is not a new company. We have been providing CPR and First Aid training since 1998. Our courses have been offered to organizations that we have had long standing agreements with. Friends you might say.    

Instructors with Brock 1st Responder Training & Consulting are active emergency service personnel, either working for the Fire Department,  Emergency Medical Service agencies (Ambulance) or Hospital agencies.  We have performed CPR for real and deal with various emergencies daily.  Many CPR & First Aid training organizations and instructors have no field experience, and cannot relate the material to real world experiences.  We can! 

Our Mission

The Mission of Brock 1st Responder Training & Consulting is to provide quality and cost effective training and consulting work to help a community reduce property and life loss, as well as to help tribal, county, city, proprietary and corporate business comply with OSHA mandate training.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is guided by our philosophy that it takes experienced people with skill and passion to teach.  Without these elements you will see no enthusiasm in your instructors; training will be dull and predictable; and life experiences cannot be incorporated and integrated to provide a better learning outcome.