Consulting Services


AED Program

AED's are common place in many public facilities.  Establishing your workplace with AED's is a little more complicated than just buying and mounting your AED.

Let Brock 1st Responder Training & Consulting get you on your way to implementing a successful and State compliant AED program. 

First Aid Kits

First aid kits you buy from manufacturers often include products not necessarily beneficial in providing first aid. Useless items are often provided in these wall mounted first aid kits to give the appearance of a well stocked kit, however many items are merely for employee comfort (i.e. finger bandages, cold medicine, pain relievers, ointments and creams). 

Your workplace is unique, and your first aid kit should reflect that. Stop paying for your employee’s cold medicine and let Brock 1st Responder Training & Consulting build a first aid kit actually designed to save lives, reduce further injury and be mobile within your work place.

Bleeding Kits

Massive bleeding as a result of an active shooter or explosive event can result in death, especially if there is a response delay of EMS, Police or Fire.  Victims can quickly die from uncontrolled bleeding, within five to 10 minutes. Let Brock 1st Responder Training & Consulting not only conduct your bleeding training, but help you design a kit for your workplace or home.

Emergency Response Plans

Does your business know what to do in an emergency?  Fires, power outages, severe weather, etc. are some of the common emergencies businesses must plan for.  

Let us help you with your organization's emergency response plan.

Fire Safety Inspections

Under  state and local laws, businesses must abide by fire codes for the safety of business employees, customers, and the surrounding properties.   

Let Brock 1st Responder Training and Consulting provide and assess your worksite to determine areas of improvement or to help you get ready for that inspection.